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12 January 2017

Copenhagen is a style that sits comfortably between the urban loft apartment to the relaxed country house. It is a very contemporary expression of Scandinavian living today with its solid pieces with beautiful details. The furniture in the Copenhagen style is made to be enjoyed and last for a long time ahead – to be part of your history as well as your future.

12 January 2017

We put the choice in your hands. Choose the shape of your table. Smilla is available in 3 different shapes: Organic, Rectangular and Oval and variety of colors ranging from Soap white, Vintage, Umber to White lacquered

12 January 2017

Focus on functionality and you will always get it right

Lamplover or not; Lamps are the ultimate solution to finish off a great interior and perfecting an atmosphere. Just like jewelry: they’re not the main act, but they can (and will) make or break your well-planned space. Without proper lighting, even the most stylish space isn't truly complete. Finding the ideal combination of form, function and totality is key. Here’s how:


Lux, Lumen or Watt, don’t make the task more difficult than it is! Focus instead on how you will use the lamp and all your answers will fall into place by themselves. So when choosing a lamp for your selected space, think about the primary function of your lamp. In the process of determine the type of lamp you want; asking yourself if you need a table lamp, hanging lantern or a floor lamp may be easy. But go a step further and reflect over your lighting needs. Do you need mood lighting, a spot for reading or is the lamp going to be purely a decorative lighting solution? For a reading lamp a brighter bulb with directed light is the best option, but for a beautiful mood lamp on a chest of drawers a homely glow with a dimmer can work wonders. Go on and explore!


When it comes to lighting solutions in a home, every room needs a combination of general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to set a mood and provide sufficient illumination. The best way of achieving this is to draw up a lighting plan. So let’s get a pencil and a paper and start – first draw the main furniture in the room then place circles where you need good light. The more the merrier! Remember; it’s very rare that you have all lamps lit at the same time. So going through the day/evening routines in your mind is a great way of finding your lighting needs. Maybe a good task lamp in the wardrobe on a dark winter morning is luxury. Not to mention what a mood light next to the tv can bring for comfort to your eyes – softening the light of the screen. When cleaning a good general lighting is the best choice. Make it fun – explore your home and life and add some brightness!


FORM – this is the easy part! Buy a lamp you love and make it a statement. Choose from contemporary, modern or traditional designs in abundance; an architectural piece, a sleek designers item, a lamp you can change shade on for years. But let’s bring some basic thoughts as well; based on where your lamp will live, remember to calculate the size. Trusting your eyes visual estimate in a shop can be a disappointing surprise when fitting the lamp. Measuring the area your lamp is going in is a good policy.

Happy Lighting!

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