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We decided early on that the SOUL furniture needed to convey that most important of feelings, the feel of authenticity and quality. All of our items have been selected and designed with the simple but essential idea: that genuinely good furniture lasts and can be shared by generations.

  • Our Wooden furniture is designed in Scandinavia and manufactured at our European factory keeping delivery times short and quality control at the highest possible level.
  • Most of our rugs are handmade out of natual materials to acheive a product that both lasts, has a unique character and ages beautifully.
  • Our lamps are handpicked to complement both our furntire as well as blend nicely to both modern and classical homes.

Scandinavian design is more than a look - it is also a strong commitment to deliver long-lasting pieces of furniture while still keeping the air and water clean and safe for future generations. Our methods of transport as well as means of production have been chosen to minimise the impact on the world we all share.